Brian Donnelly

Jeff Beck 1944-2023

All my musician friends across the board are gutted about the loss of Jeff Beck; all the people I know who aren’t musicians are basically “I don’t know who that is…never heard of him.” For the guitar community particularly this is like what losing Bowie was to the wider music world a few years back. …

Wee Hours, Christmas Eve Morn 2022

It’s 6:24am Christmas Eve morning here. Elevenses woke up at 5am which is just..wrong. The kid usually sleeps until noon. Why is she up at 5am?? And then the other one got up and now they’re arguing about who ate the last chocolate candy from the advent calendar. Loudly. At 6am. This is …

Scott McKeon - Live At Masterlink Sessions

.Title Live at Masterlink Sessions - Scott McKeon

David Grissom - Live at the Umbria Blues Festival

David Grissom, Live at the Umbria Blues Festival 2018

Rollins Band - Sessions at West 54th Street

Rollins Band. Sessions at West 54th Street. February 28, 2000.

Robben Ford And The Blue Line - Live 1995

Robben Ford & The Blue Line - Live at the Bottom Line, NYC 1995

Stoner Rock Bandcamp: Wo Fat

.Title The legendary Wo Fat returns with The Singularity

Paul Gilbert - Dallas International Guitar Show 2022

Paul Gilbert’s full set at the 2022 Dallas International Guitar Show

Dust Radio - The Chris Whitley Documentary

Dust Radio - Documentary about the late great Chris Whitley.

Porno For Pyros - Reading Festival 1993

Porno For Pyros 8.27.93 Reading Festival Porno For Pyros Packin' 25 Pets

Stoner Rock Bandcamp: Devil Flower Mantis

.Title Yet another neat Greek quality stoner rock band.

Jane's Addiction. Been Caught Stealing (1990 TV)

Jane’s Addiction Been Caught Stealing (1990 Pro TV Master)

Philip Sayce - Dallas International Guitar Festival 2022

Philip Sayce - Morning Star / Spanish Castle Magic / Steamroller / Powerful Thing. April 2022 at the Dallas Guitar Festival.

Scott McKeon - Live At The Real World Studios

Scott McKeon - Live At Real World Studios by Scott McKeon Definitely one of my favorite guitar recordings of this year so far.

My diet for the last year has basically been...

Homebound pandemic diet: jfc thats alot of coffee baked chicken breast dark chocolate spinach salads broccoli protein shakes scrambled eggs chorizo steak white rice occasional wtf dude that’s a huge amount of pasta w/ olive oil & garlic don’t you think? seriously more coffee

Wynton Kelly Trio with Wes Montgomery - Smokin'

PRS Satin Vela

You cannot kill me in a way that matters

Jared James Nichols on a 1966 Gibson ES-355

A Fine Drop

Laphroaig Select, very nice. Very nice indeed.

Adam Miller, Unify

Unify by Adam Miller Australian guitarist Adam Miller has dropped a new album, “Unify". Sophisticated & tasty.

Satoshi Oka, Zephyr

Zephyr by Satoshi Oka Some new guitar fusion wizardry from Japan by the talented Satoshi Oka

Weird Scenes In the Parenting Gold Mines

Resonances are deep and weird here in the household, chief. The 5th grader has been knee-deep in her virtual classroom studies with post-Civil War Jim Crow / 1960s Civil rights stuff since lockdown started a few months back and real-world events are catching up. She’s had big questions and …

What Better Time