2023-01-12: Jeff Beck 1944-2023 All my musician friends across the board are gutted about the loss of Jeff Beck; all the people I …

2022-12-24: Wee Hours, Christmas Eve Morn 2022 It’s 6:24am Christmas Eve morning here. Elevenses woke up at 5am which is just..wrong. The kid …

2022-05-16: Scott McKeon - Live At Masterlink Sessions .Title Live at Masterlink Sessions - Scott McKeon

2022-05-10: David Grissom - Live at the Umbria Blues Festival David Grissom, Live at the Umbria Blues Festival 2018

2022-05-10: Rollins Band - Sessions at West 54th Street Rollins Band. Sessions at West 54th Street. February 28, 2000.

2022-05-09: Robben Ford And The Blue Line - Live 1995 Robben Ford & The Blue Line - Live at the Bottom Line, NYC 1995

2022-05-09: Stoner Rock Bandcamp: Wo Fat .Title The legendary Wo Fat returns with The Singularity

2022-05-04: Paul Gilbert - Dallas International Guitar Show 2022 Paul Gilbert’s full set at the 2022 Dallas International Guitar Show

2022-05-02: Dust Radio - The Chris Whitley Documentary Dust Radio - Documentary about the late great Chris Whitley.

2022-05-02: Porno For Pyros - Reading Festival 1993 Porno For Pyros 8.27.93 Reading Festival Porno For Pyros Packin' 25 Pets

2022-05-02: Stoner Rock Bandcamp: Devil Flower Mantis .Title Yet another neat Greek quality stoner rock band.

2022-05-01: Jane's Addiction. Been Caught Stealing (1990 TV) Jane’s Addiction Been Caught Stealing (1990 Pro TV Master)

2022-05-01: Philip Sayce - Dallas International Guitar Festival 2022 Philip Sayce - Morning Star / Spanish Castle Magic / Steamroller / Powerful Thing. April 2022 at the …

2022-04-30: Scott McKeon - Live At The Real World Studios Scott McKeon - Live At Real World Studios by Scott McKeon Definitely one of my favorite guitar …


2021-03-23: My diet for the last year has basically been... Homebound pandemic diet: jfc thats alot of coffee baked chicken breast dark chocolate spinach …

2020-08-31: Wynton Kelly Trio with Wes Montgomery - Smokin'

2020-08-29: PRS Satin Vela

2020-08-18: You cannot kill me in a way that matters

2020-08-06: Jared James Nichols on a 1966 Gibson ES-355

2020-08-06: A Fine Drop Laphroaig Select, very nice. Very nice indeed.

2020-08-06: Adam Miller, Unify Unify by Adam Miller Australian guitarist Adam Miller has dropped a new album, “Unify". …

2020-08-05: Satoshi Oka, Zephyr Zephyr by Satoshi Oka Some new guitar fusion wizardry from Japan by the talented Satoshi Oka

2020-05-28: Weird Scenes In the Parenting Gold Mines Resonances are deep and weird here in the household, chief. The 5th grader has been knee-deep in her …

2020-05-26: What Better Time

2020-05-26: Opiates Of The Massless

2019-12-11: Normal people give up. twitter.com/gocamelsw…

2019-11-16: Schecter Custom T

2019-08-18: Jimi has a posse.

2019-08-06: NGD - Friedman Vintage S

2019-06-05: DUMBO

2019-01-06: Serious haircut.